While Cursed by Specters

@Images Festival, Canada
made, remade, unmade
May 21 , 1:30 pm— 3:00 pm


Burak Cevik (1993, Istanbul) founded Fol Cinema Society and curated experimental and arthouse film screenings. He was lecturer on Non-Fiction between 2018-2020 at Istanbul Bilgi University. His films The Pillar of Salt and Belonging premiered at Berlinale Forum in a row, 2018 & 2019. His video works were screened at various festivals such as Locarno, Toronto and New York Film Festival.

A Topography of Memory

2019, 30’, Turkish

This subtly expansive new work by Burak Çevik (Belonging, ND/NF 2019) combines CCTV footage of urban Istanbul with audio of a family heading to vote in the controversial June 2015 Turkish general election. As talk ranges from domestic matters to political affiliations, shots of the city’s skyline, coastal architecture, and religious landmarks captured the day after the election slowly scroll past. Underlying these eerily serene images is the knowledge that in a follow-up vote five months later, the right-wing government would regain power.

[57th NYFF]

Premiered at Locarno Film Festival then screened Toronto Film Festival’s Wavelenghts section & looped 2 days at 57th New York Film Festival’s Projections.

Various opinions, arguments, and hopes succeed one another in the time that separates the intention from the vote. Invisible to our eyes, this family becomes a symbol of a driving force in contrast to the impersonal images of the city’s surveillance cameras, which film everything but capture nothing. Who preserves a country’s memory?
Daniela Persico