While Cursed by Specters

@Images Festival, Canada
made, remade, unmade
May 21 , 1:30 pm— 3:00 pm


Burak Cevik (1993, Istanbul) founded Fol Cinema Society and curated experimental and arthouse film screenings. He was lecturer on Non-Fiction between 2018-2020 at Istanbul Bilgi University. His films The Pillar of Salt and Belonging premiered at Berlinale Forum in a row, 2018 & 2019. His video works were screened at various festivals such as Locarno, Toronto and New York Film Festival.

A Woman Escapes
2022, 75’, English & Turkish
Canada, France & Turkey

in Post Production

A co-direction with Sofia BohdanowiczBlake Williams.

Work in Progress:
FICUNAM, Catapulta Primer Corte Lab, Mexico City, Mexico, 2021
Winner: Estudios Churubusco First Cut Award, March 2021

Audrey Benac (Deragh Campbell) lives alone in Paris after having moved there to tend to the home of her recently deceased friend, Juliane. She struggles to find her footing in the world, moving through the days without any clear motivation or sense of purpose.  Audrey forges a correspondence with two male filmmakers —Burak, who lives in Istanbul, and Blake, who lives in Toronto—and entertains their efforts to help her get through this sorrowful and directionless time.

A Woman Escapes is a fusion in every sense, combining various shooting formats (16mm, 3D, & 2K), genres (diary film, video correspondence, psychodrama, & essay film), shooting locations (France, Turkey, & Canada), and each director’s distinct creative sensibility. Through its dynamic, hyper-hybridized structure and workflow, the film explores our collective curiosities about isolation, grief, spirituality, contemporary means of communication, and the increasingly variegated nature of the modern world.