burak çevik



A book consisting of my writings about the production process of my first film Tuzdan Kaide and the script of the film was published by Manifold.

Forms of Forgetting will have its world premiere at Berlinale Forum and North American Premiere at MoMa / Doc Fortnight.

Burak Çevik's retrospective will be screened at Kino Armata in Kosovo / Pristine (09.02.23 - 11.02.23)


Burak Cevik (1993, Istanbul) founded Fol Cinema Society and curated experimental and arthouse film screenings. He was lecturer on Non-Fiction between 2018-2020 at Istanbul Bilgi University.  His films The Pillar of Salt (2018), Belonging (2019) and Forms of Forgetting (2023) premiered at Berlinale Forum. His video works have screened at various festivals, such as Locarno Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, FID Marseille and New York Film Festival.





Unutma Biçimleri
Forms of Forgetting

2023, 70 min, Turkey, Turkish

World Premiere: Berlinale Forum 2023

A couple who broke up 14 years ago find that they can't remember how they broke up when they meet again years later. Over time, memories and places have been mixed. Everything overlaps in memory.

Forms of Forgetting is an exploration of how history is layered and rewritten over a couple. The film turns into a recall exercise on the axis of stories, dreams and memories that emerged as a result of the interviews with the couple. Some memories are remembered with the images taken, and some images are taken again thanks to the memories.